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Welcome to Paco Masonry LLC, Construction and Landscaping. We are Commercial, Residential and Industrial specialists with over 30 years of experience. We service all of New Jersey area with quality designs that fit any budget. From ordinary to extraordinary, Paco Masonry LLC is your #1 choice in quality contractors. Call today!

Paco Masonry LLC has been an aggressive, hard working, masonry/concrete contractor for many years. We started out as a small sole proprietor with no employees, and have grown into a company with a large presence in the?f New Jersey construction industry.?We believe that you can combine quality craftsmanship and pride with competitive pricing to achieve results that are both profitable and beneficial to us and our clients.

We have always had a passion for education and a desire to create through construction.? By utilizing those principles, we have come to believe that through the constant pursuit of new ideas, education, and some good old fashion hard work, we provide services to our clients that are unmatched in Quality, Speed, Reliability, and Affordability?



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