Concrete Fundation

Not only, can we help you create a strong foundation for your house and commercial buildings, but we can also help with parking lots and patios. From 1 yard to 100 yards, we are able to install in a day.

Pool Remodeling

While we know the? new jersey weather is unbearable during the summer, why not have a spontaneous pool where you and your family can gather and enjoy the time. That?s why we are here to design your pool with elaborate modern style material to catch the attention of everyone.

House Remodeling

We will work efficiently and fast to give an excellent and beautiful and comfortable house that you can fall in love and enjoy.

Landscaping Design

We understand how important the landscaping of your house is since it?s the first thing that attracts people. So why not have a beautiful landscape? We can help with that. With our creative and unique touch, we will leave your house looking stunning.

Commercial Work

We are specialist that can help you with your commercial project.

About us

About the CEO and founder:

Hello, my name is Paco and I am the founder of Paco Masonry General Construction and Landscaping LLC. I have been in the construction business for more than 30 years. In fact, my love for this type of work started when my father first taught me to create a patio. My dad was a hardworking and efficient mason and my mother was a kind teacher who wanted was best for the people. My dad taught me how to put in plants, concrete etc. And as time goes by, I am still learning and adapting to the new modern style that I try to put into my work. Now, my son, Anthony, has joined me and together we work in this work field. People often ask me if I have hobby and to be truly honest, the deep passion for helping people have beautiful houses makes my job become my hobby. We are honest, responsible, mature and respectful to all of our clients because we value our clients.




Our services


Concrete service Foundations, parking lots, patios and sidewalks Driveways concrete and concrete curb

Pool Service Flashstone, patios, paver patios, concrete patios, versatile pavers. Install bullnose and tile.

Landscaping service Installation of fences, wood,? vinyl, retain wall, plants, bushes, flowers, roses, grass, soil?seed, mulch and decorative stone.

Commercial services Installation of brick, block, stucco, concrete, paver and stone.

Put in sheetrock, paint and texture, ceramic, wood floor, laminate floor, doors, windows, backsplash, molding.

Natural Stone patios



New Jersey


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